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Health is much more than the absence of disease. Full health provides the opportunity to experience happiness, joy, companionship and a positive outlook on life. Health allows us to enter the present moment and enjoy the beauty of a spring day, the love of a friend, or the intensity of a peak experience. Full health also means that we have the tools to move through difficult times, with presence and patience.

When lives become blocked due to physical illness, emotional pain and suffering, or overstimulation and exhaustion, health is diminished and life can become dull and meaningless. A person may also experience the symptoms of depression or anxiety.

It is possible for you to take charge of your own health. A good approach to this is to create a wellness plan that is designed for your specific needs. This is part of the work I do at Whole Approach Healing. I begin first by looking at your life patterns and habits and examining areas that may be interfering with your ability to be fully healthy. Then we collaborate and design your own personal wellness plan. This wellness plan is a good start, and it is important to remember that true change takes time, patience and support. Through small, consistent changes, anyone can improve the quality of their health and their capacity for joy, love, and happiness.

How Whole Approach Healing Method
Self awareness is necessary for change, and the more we are aware of the contributing factors to our physical and emotional health, the more effective we can be in reaching our personal wellness goals. I will assist clients in assessing the roots of their emotional needs and provide support and resources for their personal healing journey.

Together we will explore the following areas:

1. Generational History and Patterns
The history of our family creates a template which shapes the values, thoughts, and experiences of each generation, as well as how that generation passes down these things to the next generation. Together we will explore family history to discover both the gifts and the challenges in your history.

2. Personal Practices
What personal practices do you do that help you stay healthy and in touch with your inner self? Do you get enough exercise and sleep? Do you have practices such as yoga, meditation, walking, being in nature, playing or listening to music, or engaging in art? If this is an area that feels undeveloped, you are encouraged to take a moment to commit to one small practice daily, and one larger practice weekly.

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • positive affirmations
  • spiritual practice
  • TRE®
  • gratitude
  • walking/hiking in nature
  • creative
3. Social Connections
We are inherently social beings. For thousands of years, people lived in close knit tribes that included multiple generations of family members. Children were raised by the tribe and rituals and rites of passage were common. Today in America, families are often disconnected from the sense of a strong social network. Divorce is common and families often live hundreds of miles from their nearest relatives.

As part of your wellness plan, it is important to identify what type of social network you have, if any. Your family and friends are included in this picture, as well as places you go for social interaction, like church and social events. It is also important to identify whom you can rely on for support during times of need. Lynea may encourage you to draw your social network as part of the identification process.

4. Diet/Nutrition Habits
It is important to recognize the impact of diet on emotional health. When a person’s body is not functioning well, depression and anxiety can result. I will support you in finding the resources to address the physical contributions to your emotional health.

5. Environmental Health
Environmental Toxins can have a strong impact on emotional health. Mold,toxins in furniture and building materials and living near pollution can have severe adverse effects on our physical and emotional health. Michelle Bexelius – Healthy Building Consultant and Designer of Eco Remedi can support clients in assessing and clearing toxins from the home.

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