Walk in Strength & Beauty
Class Series for Young Women (ages 12-15)

Lynea Gillen, LPC, & Carla Austin, MS Ed

Sats: Nov 16, Dec 7 & Jan 18 @ 10am – 1pm

Still Moving Yoga, SW Portland

Imagine a world where our girls are taught to celebrate and deeply cherish who they are. A world that protects girls from messages from the media and teaches them that self-worth is not dependent on external standards.

This series for young women is designed to teach tools for strengthening a vibrant inner core of self-love, self-discipline, personal responsibility, and unique identity. Activities include yoga, mindfulness and other stress reduction techniques; social/emotional skill-building games; essential oils for self-care and; journaling and expressive arts.

Our series also provides time to help girls create friendships based on mutual respect and honor. They will learn valuable tools for joyful living, laugh, create, and in the final session, share a light meal that they will prepare together.

Parents will be given informational emails after each session to help support and reinforce a positive experience for your daughter through common language. We ask that families commit to the full series in order to build relationships, safety and skills.

$315 for all three classes (incs $30 supply fee)


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